BSOP™ // Simple drawing and sharing on an endless sheet of paper.


Big Sheet.

Imagine no end, no finish, no edge, but rather a plane that goes on and on forever. A nearly endless sheet of paper.

It's not often that we get to explore an infinite space...but now you can. BSOP™ is your very own flatland!

Beautiful Drawing.

Drawing and sketching are powerful ways to explore and communicate ideas. Big Sheet Of Paper™ gives you beautifully simple drawing tools that stay out of the way and let you get more ideas down faster. Let BSOP™ help you draw, sketch, prototype, iterate, communicate, and think!

Boundless Collaboration.

BSOP™ is a new type of collaboration tool that lets you communicate and explore ideas with others in way that you’ve never experienced before. Ideas grow and evolve in beautiful ways when we share them with others. With BSOP™ you can invite teams and large groups to sketch and collaborate together with results that will surprise and delight!